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Sri Shareeputhra Viharaya
Sri Sariputhra Vihara, situated at Elvitigala Mawatha in Narahenpita with a monastery in a small area of land, was built in 1978 by Venerable Basnagoda Wimalaratne Thero together with other donors is a Vihara of great magnificence today. Sri Sariputhra Vihara was built on land donated by the state with a donation of Rs.100,000 by a Japanese monk, Venerable Nivaa and the initiative of Venerable Basnagoda Wimalaratne Thero mad it a reality. The Vihara contains all the requirements and facilities for the purpose of religious worship for devotees.

Sri Sariputhra Vihara is the first in the world to lay significance to the Twenty Eight sacred Bodhis by the endowment of a special pooja, a symbolic gesture that depicts the Twenty Eight Sacred Bodhis who provided shade to Lord Buddha when He was enlightened. This Pooja was begun on 23rd January 1993 under the auspices of Venerable Basnagoda Wimalaratne Thero and is continued to this day.

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